Monday, February 7

Live Feed, 2/7/05

In NYC it's 1:05 pm and 50
° F

It's still burning in Centralia,
but people still use coal--a dirty,
dusty fuel. And yet I still manage
to write everyday. Funny how that works.

So few Americans remember that those
who attacked us on 9/11 were Saudis.
Pitching in now may help shorten our pledge
drive. Hillary Swank is now playing

in theaters, nationwide. She's our million-
dollar baby, baby. Hi! It's good to be
here, where there are tribes of various
stripes and the central valley extends from

the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf. Big
congratulations to Danny in Bergen. Log
on for details on Black AIDS Day.
Great to be here. Let's start with your

guiding principles. Chicken nuggets?
Surely you must be jesting, Doctor.
We've got mini-vans and SUVs both
in stock. Tune in now for our expanded

edition for Science, Health, and Healing.
Subscribe now and get Dr. Ali's packet
for a $100 contribution. We're not
hostage to pharmaceutical or any

corporate entities. Thank you
for your call.

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