Sunday, September 27

"Okay, look at it this way. I have absolutely no feelings of guilt. Not one tiny little one. Why in the lord's name should I? I have never felt any remorse. I have never been locked up for what I did. I have nevere gone crazy, even for a moment, thinking about it. I just believe that this whole thing has been personalized too much. It was combat. War. There was nothing personal in it. I didn't feel, 'Good, I have wiped out Hiroshima.' No way. It was just a bomb job that I was called in to do in rather unusual circumstances and did to the best of my abilities. I would do the same thing today if I was asked to. That is what obeying orders is all about."

--Paul Tibbets

fr. The Hiroshima Tapes by Gordon Thomas
(excerpted in the Japan Times 8/9/82)