Friday, February 4

Live Feed, 2/4/05

In NYC it's cloudy and approx. 39° F

employability skills are flowing downward
facilitating silver bullets among those workers
in need of such
if it doesn't do what it's
intended to do, continuous improvement may
not help us with entry-level jobs

students psyches are in danger
when it comes to reading, mathematics
and other career-ladder skills,
which they must learn over time, throughout

their lives I should also add that human resource
research operations are developing non-profit
well, sorry, we're running of time

our community-advisory board is open to new
members, Andy's sitting on the toilet with
the lid closed, flossing his teeth,
we're listening to the radio

getting it together for the day, we just got
word of Ossie Davis's death, a little
bit of time should be devoted to tributes to
and memories of him, we'd like to hear from you

Ossie grew up in New Rochelle, down the street
from Louis Farrakhan, one of the court
cases relating to prisoners at Guantánamo,
touched my heart around the globe

a great loss, an inspiration to us all

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