Tuesday, October 5

Works in Progress, 7


maneuvering around car-sized potholes

designing legal strategies
speaking solely in terms of racial justice
examining burial pits and naked skulls


sticking to issues that directly affect them

bemoaning the cautiousness of today's athletes
co-opting the arguments of their opposition
tracking Latino immigrants at the border


supporting any effort to unionize

failing to generate meaningful responses
feeling the centipede in oneself
getting some good poems out of it


rewriting the country's labor laws

seeing a psychic map of our obsessions
building electoral coalitions that will win
emphasizing the overlapping interests of the affluent


slumbering until nightfall

setting this brain of mine afire
reaching irritably after fact & reason
shunning easy consolations


subsidizing extinction industries

helping women victimized by male violence
doubling the sign-up bonus for volunteers
supporting the troops while doubting the war


naming the dead

waiting for him to break silence
descending the steeps of the soughing twilight
assimilating foreign cultures


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