Tuesday, October 12

"One day while I was bathing, the telephone rang. A man's voice
said, 'Is David Revill there?' My mother had answered, and she
thought from his unusual voice that this was one of my friends
fooling around. She said, 'No. Can I take a message?' The man's
voice said, 'Well, it's not important. Just tell him John Cage rang.'

"An open-minded browse through a percussion textbook had
taught me that there was more to music than just Beethoven; there
was an innovative and thoughtful American composer named
John Cage. As I heard and played his music and read his books
(I was still a teenager), I was entranced. When I learned he was
performing in London, I had written to ask if we could meet. Now
here I was, dripping water on to the carpet as we set up our
appointment. I spent half of the following Tuesday with John Cage
in his friend Bonnie Bird's London flat and at the East-West
Centre on Old Street, talking about Georges Méliès, anarchism
and macrobiotic food, and sampling mekkabu soup. Cage told
me, 'You chew very well.'"

--David Revill
fr. Preface to The Roaring Silence: John Cage: A Life
[New York: Arcade, 1992]

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