Sunday, December 27


[Relax. Take a deep breath, and read this one
as slowly as possible. Go back to the beginning
and read it again even more slowly, but, this time,
without a sound, without moving your lips,
listening only to the sounds in your inner ear,
your head if you have one. Done? Go back
to the beginning, reading even more
slowly, more silently, more prayerfully
if you care to go that route. Turn down the volume
in your head, in your inner ears. Listen, if you can,
to only the silences there, the silences among,
between the words, the words you almost can now hear.]

[Go back to the beginning. Breathe slowly, deeply.
The sounds in your head have something to say. Some
thing of value to no one but you. Pray (or prey) if you
care to. Turn down the volume a tad. Breathe in
through your nose, out through your ears. Take your
time now. Listen, if you can, as slowly as possible.
The words, the words--they are always with us,
like poor folks. Back at the beginning, you never thought
you'd even get this far. Live now more silently
than ever, more slowly. Turn your head down until
your chin hits your chest. Take your time gently.
Begin reading, begin reading again--and again.]

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