Thursday, June 30

Paragraphs from Stein, 13

     It is necessary to think about this question of calligraphy, it must never be forgotten that the only way Picasso has of speaking, the only way Picasso has of writing is with drawings and paintings. In 1914, and from then on it never stopped, he had a certain way of writing his thoughts, that is to say of seeing things in a way that he knew he was seeing them. And it was in this way that he commenced to write these thoughts with drawings and with painting. Oriental people, the people of America and the people of Spain have never, really never forgotten that it is not necessary to use letters in order to be able to write. Really one can write in another way and Picasso has understood, completely understood this way. To recapitulate. From 1914 to 1917, cubism changed to rather flat surfaces, it was no longer sculpture, it was writing, and Picasso really expressed himself this way, because it was not possible, really not, to really write with sculpture, no not.

from "Picasso" (1938)

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