Saturday, January 1

New Year

Cardinals fly up
from the edge of the near
field, another
year's luck.

The haiku poet gives
us a morning gift:

Starry night:
she squeezes in between
her husband and her ex

A road, a fence, a field.

A table on which a book
lies open: History
of the Great American
Fortunes by Gustavus Myers.

A glimpse out the window
of gray and white
cat. I open the door
and in it comes.

This is the first day,
unlike any other.

--Halvard Johnson

1 comment:

chris said...

Hal, I have been on the road in Mexico and Arizona for these last several weeks. Bullfights and such. Quieres y mas. This my first yaha! & Snowy in today's high desert: especially a white-out on the hills in central AZ. Nothing a Jeep my son couldn't make good use of: & so, forgive me, but yr poem seems so silver & turquoise of a particular asterisk to me. Happy every. especially for this new year!

Best Wishes,
Chris Murray